The China Cupboard  (1780 to 1820)

In the 1790s Tea drinking became very popular. Everyone needed a tea-set.  Potteries flourished and wonderfully hand-decorated  tea services were made in  porcelain, then bone-china. This site is about some of the tea-wares from 1780 to 1820 and their makers.  It provides: Guides to identify three types of cups:

**Click for Bute cups **Coffee cans** Hamilton Flute cups**


There are also  Examples of teaset shapes.

The guides lead you to makers  but you can go  to makers directly by clicking on their names. 

  Bourne   Bristol   Caughley   Coalport   Chamberlain   Davenport   Derby  Factory Z    Grainger   Herculaneum  Hicks and Meigh  Lustre Group   Machin  Minton  Miles Mason  Neale  New Hall   Pattern book  Pinxton   Rathbone  Ridgway  Spode      John Rose  Thomas Rose   Turner  Wedgwood   Worcester   W***

Since cups were usually made in porcelain and bone-china, there is a list of the known makers of these wares around 1800. 

Manufacturers of Porcelain and Bone China 1790 to 1830

Other pages deal with special topics:

Chinese seal marks  Yellow shell  Pottery Cups  Breakfast cups


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This website is to share my interest in English tea-wares.  The internet offers an opportunity to build a reference collection of colour pictures which can be easily consulted and continually updated.  This site is updated periodically and will I hope become increasingly useful. So, please e-mail me with suggestions and corrections, and also with colour pictures which can be added to build up the patterns illustrated in the pages for each manufacturer. 

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